How Much Does it Cost to Develop a taxi app like Uber ,Lyft ,OLA?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a taxi app like Uber, Lyft ,OLA?

If you want to build an online taxi app like Uber and ola then, read about the costs and features of the taxi booking application on this blog. How much does it cost to make an app like uber in india,

There was a time when flagging down a taxi is a hard job. However, some employers like Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp, who founded Uber not beat around the bush and launched Uber. With the advent of Uber, we gain access to hail a cab in the easiest way. It revolutionized the taxi booking industry by enabling people to book a taxi by mobile applications and by allowing anyone to become a driver.

Services and business models Uber has inspired many entrepreneurs to follow the path of success Uber. Currently, Uber is not the only player in the market. There are so many supply companies other online taxi booking services are available which are intensifying booking the taxi industry. Taxi app development cost in india,
Despite the fact that the market has mushroomed with booking a taxi company, it is a safe bet to develop applications cab as a large percentage of the user base is still untouched by booking a taxi company on.

Taxi booking app Uber

Uber is undeniably most taxi booking application that is successful and popular. It is a multinational American company transport network started by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick with the ambition to move people, whether in the city or towards their dreams.

On New Year’s Eve, when Camp and her friends spent $ 800 to hire a personal driver, he got the idea to offer affordable transportation solution and quick and ideas that turn into Uber. They launched the first beta version of the application in May 2010 and then in 2011, they officially launched the mobile application from Uber. Uber services so user-friendly and cost-effective that spread like wildfire.

Currently, Uber has 91 million monthly users. Uber has completed 10 billion up to 3.9 million of its driver. Since its initial launch in San Francisco, Uber has expanded its business activities in 700+ cities from 63 countries.

Taxi ordering application Lyft

Competition between Lyft and Uber documented in all the news. It was founded in 2012 by computer programmer Logan Green and John Zimmer have started car pooling ride-sharing company called Zimride distance in 2007. However, in 2013, they sold Zimride Enterprise Holding.

Currently, the ride-sharing program Lyft is available in 350 cities in the US and some Canadian cities. Until January 2018, Lyft managed to gain 23 million users and 1.4 million drivers. Until September 2018, Lyft has completed 1 billion rides. Refer to the following picture to understand how relatively successful Lyft is.

How Much it Costs to Develop App For Taxi?

A taxi application development companies have to burn the candle on both sides to develop a powerful mobile applications. They need to develop an application for the rider, an application for a driver and most importantly, to the admin dashboard. Given the fact that there are many application development company taxi cab phone claiming to develop powerful applications at a hefty price tag, into the earth trembles requirements to see if they are charging you is true or not? You will find all the essential features you pay? Let’s find out in a very comprehensive way and know the details about How Much Does it Cost to Develop?

Here are all the essential features for application rider, driver and application admin panel and how much you need to pay for each. Please note that this is the average cost of development for both iOS app development and Android app.

Rider applications – features that you should consider when developing applications Taxi Rider

Rider applications allow riders to communicate with drivers and admin. Using the application motorists, they can book a taxi, track and pay for drivers. Thus, the application of the rider should be as feature-packed as possible. Let’s quickly hit the top features, the developer must invest many hours to develop each and at what cost?

Users sign up

For a non-technical person, sign-up only token to access the application. But for developers and application owners, it is the property of access control. With a single ID and password, the user gains access to some features of the application.

Writing code to sign up module generally takes 12 hours as developers must take care of both security and privacy. In addition, they also need to write business logic to enable users to register with their social media accounts.

In case, you want to integrate other features such as biometric authentication, may increase the hours to write the business logic for the registration process.

User Profile

A user profile contains information such as contact details, name, image and method of payment. Developers can use the user’s details are added when registering as contact details. As far as the name, image, and payment methods are concerned, they write business logic to request these details from the user and creating a payment profile of the user that are useful in the payment module. For this formation, the developer needs at least 24 hours.

Taxi Demand and Allocation

request a taxi is one of the modules in which almost application developers struggle because they need to implement a complex algorithm that allocates the nearest driver rider. They also need to synchronize the driver application and application to eliminate demand for taxi drivers and taxi allocation procedure regularly.How Much Does it Cost to Develop

We, in luminous, has been writing and implementing innovative matching algorithm that allocates some motorists drivers after controlling for factors such as traffic, the demands and expectations of motorists.

Develop demand taxi and easily impels allocation module developers to invest 60+ hours.

Estimated Costs

To win the trust of motorists, taxi app you must have features that indicate the approximate costs for motorists as soon as they add the destination address. Rate estimation module is also working on algorithms that calculate the rate by considering the distance, type of taxi and several other factors such as demand, weather and types of users. What makes it even more challenging is the fact that some locations such as airports and toll roads urged different tariff calculation algorithm for writing and apply.

The Estimated costs of the application module driver takes up to 20 hours.


app payment module riders should be as error-free as possible. To that end, developers using the payment gateway and payment processors that distribute the money between bank accounts riders and application owners bank account. Integration of payment processors and gateways in the app confirms 50 hours of application development life cycle.


A Traveler module which allows the rider to assess the drivers and the riding experience needed 20 hours to develop.

By adding the last few paragraphs, we can conclude that it requires a number of 186 hours and about $ 3700 for developing applications riders with all the essential features as the average cost per hour of developer is $ 20.

Now, let’s talk about the features of the application and the driver how much it cost to develop the application driver. Please note this is the average cost for both iOS and Android.

The driver -Features application that you should consider when developing applications Taxi Rider

Most taxi booking application development company and the owner of the taxi app misjudged the importance of drivers and end up developing the basis for their application. But, seeing how online booking taxis operating business, you should ask a taxi booking application development company to integrate all the essential features in the driver the same application as the application of the rider.


As riders, drivers also need to enroll. However, as soon as they sign up, they will not land on the application home screen. First, they must meet some basic requirements taxi booking service provider such as history, the police and the check character to gain full access to the application. To make the process faster and more efficient authentication, application drivers must have features that allow them to add their details including documents from the application itself. It is also necessary that the driver can track the status of their application.

Since registration or sign-up module of the application a little more complex than a chauffeur driver applications, developers require 36 hours to write the business logic of the application registration module for the driver.

Monitoring Engine Order

Command monitoring machines handle the following tasks.

Once demand rises, it informs the driver if finding the matching algorithm it will take riders in a minimum of time than other drivers available.

Drivers can mark themselves open to receive driving demand or mark them offline.

So, the driver receives a request to rise, he could see all the details of riders including pick-up location.

After the riders got into the taxi, the driver can start the journey and when they reach the destination, the driver can end the trip will be available for another trip.

To accommodate all these features into a single module, developers need at least 80 hours.


Drivers are paid based on the distance they travel to finish one trip and the services that they are registered.

Developers must write business logic to indicate productive as soon as the driver completes the trip. They also prefer to write business logic to let the drivers know their weekly or monthly income and how many hours they work a week. For this, the developers assert themselves for 40 hours.

In summary, total hours of requiring developers to develop applications which means the drivers 156 hours, the cost to develop applications around $ 3100 drivers. How Much Does it Cost to Develop?

Admin Panel

An admin panel is the nerve center for a taxi service business online. It avails application owners to monitor real-time and historical data from the business. A fully featured admin panel is a product of precisely integrated features such as heat maps, fleet management, business analysis tools and earnings reports. To understand the development costs admin panel with a more rational way, we will distribute the admin panel module in two parts, which is a module for managing the fleet and modules for business growth.

How luminous can help you to develop application-ready cab future?

Luminous solution is for the development of enterprise applications cab driven by young professionals and goal-oriented. We never believe to settle for less than the best. Our current way of designing and developing inspired by our ambition to eliminate real business challenges by applying the latest technology.

To develop applications cab highly reliable, scalable and future-ready, we utilize powerful technology such as Node.js, React, Redux, PHP, MongoDB, and MySQL.

We work in 5 simple steps. This is a checking requirement, design, development front end, back end development, testing, and implementation. With our agile development methods are fast, we typically provide a taxi application in 45 to 55 business days.

We know other things besides the mobile application is required to start a taxi service provider company successful. Therefore, we help you to craft a profitable business model.

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