How To Make an Mobile App like Tinder & Development cost?

how to make an app like tinder,

How To Make an Mobile App like Tinder| The online dating market is swamped with applications and still growing. Among the hundreds of applications, which can guess the striking success of Tinder? If you’re ready to build your own application date or even surpass Tinder, Bumble, and the hinge, this article is what you need. We cover the cost, time, and resources required to build applications such as Tinder date. We hope you will find the answers to all your questions. How To Make an Mobile App like Tinder!

What is Tinder?

To begin, let us consider what Tinder famous. Tinder is one of the most popular dating app ever. Over the past few years, the applications have been on the phone every man for right swipe revolutionary (as) and swipe to the left (do not like) feature. Mobile dating applications such as Tinder, Bumble, and Coffee Meets Bagel make online dating easier than ever. People do not need to go out, spend money in the cafe, and feel embarrassed when you meet someone in real life again. Tinder has a secret weapon: the spirit of gaming. This application is destroying the stigma of online dating employing gamification. People worship swiping and looking for someone to date at the same time, which is why it has become so popular. Appearance Let’s look at statistics showing the success of this Tinder:

How to develop an app like Tinder and How much money do dating apps make

What features in the app such as Tinder?

The cost of building a dating application directly depends on the type and its feature set. Tinder is a location-based application, while other dating apps using traditional personal information and surveys.

Security is one of the most common problems that you can face when building a Tinder-like application. Find out more traps.

Let us consider the basic feature set Tinder.

how to develop an application like Tinder

# 1 Logging in

The login process is quite simple: through Facebook or phone number. Tinder algorithm to extract the basic user information from Facebook to pass the traditional form-filling process and create a profile.

how to develop an application like Tinder

# 2 Profile

basic information about the user can be imported from Facebook or added manually. Users can then add a photo and a brief description. Profile indicates:

  • Age
  • the place
  • A short description
  • Mutual friends on Facebook
  • common interest

# 3 Location

Proximity is important for Tinder. The initial idea of ​​this application is to connect people based on their current location. Geolocation is an important function, and Tinder continues to pick up the user’s location.

# 4 Setting Invention

Tinder users can adjust the setting’s discovery by age, gender, and distance. In the free version, users can set a search radius of no more than 10 miles.

How To Make an Mobile App like Tinder

# 5 Swipe

Tinder’s swipe unique value proposition. This feature is designed to improve the process of finding a date. A swipe to the right tools such as, while a swipe to the left means does not like. The swipeable card interface makes online dating easier and more entertaining.

How much it costs to build a Tinder-like application

# 6 Matchmaking

A match is only possible if users provide feedback. When a match is made, the user can start chatting.

how to develop an application like Tinder

# 7 Real-time chat

Once users are matched, a private chat is opened. On Tinder, users can such messages, emoji add, and send GIF.

# 8 Social media integration

Tinder users can integrate their Instagram and Snapchat accounts with their dating profile. This leads to more conversation and interaction within the application.

# 8 push notifications

This feature is a must for dating applications to ensure the return of frequent and user engagement. Tinder-notifies users about new games, messaging, and application updates.

Look thesis eight kinds of push notifications to engage people with your application.

Advanced AI algorithms. AI algorithms can help date the application quickly learns user preferences and automatically matches users.

risk score. Produce a risk score while registering increases the credibility of an application. With the help of artificial intelligence, the application can verify the ID and provide value risk. By adding this feature, you can reduce catfishing and create an environment that trusts for safe online dating.

spam detector. spam messages undermine the reputation of an application. A spam detector that can tell the user when a message is sent to several other users at the same time.

How Much Money Do Dating Apps Make

Although most of the applications are available for free dating, there are many opportunities for application owners to make money. How To Make an Mobile App like Tinder,Below, we will show monetization methods are best suited to the application date.

Paid subscriptions

subscription plans are common monetization methods; users pay for premium features or membership for a month, quarter, or year. The best time to adopt a subscription strategy is dating application already has a large user base. To take a subscription strategy to the next level, you can offer different plans for different periods. For example, Tinder has launched two successful subscription programs: Tinder Tinder Plus and Gold. Imagine that a user has liked someone accidentally. Tinder Plus and Gold users can retrieve their final swipe with the Rewind option. There are also several other paid Tinder limited features such as friction, Super Love, change location, smart photo, encouragement, and others. Tinder offers useful options for accounts payable, whereas the free basic version is not limited too much and has enough functionality to the great dating experience.


This is another popular method of monetization. With freemium, users have access to some features of the application date but need to pay for such premium selection of emoji custom or GIF ability to send the message. Unlike subscriptions, time- based, the freemium model allows users to purchase special features and use it indefinitely.How To Make an Mobile App like Tinder, For example, OkCupid offers paid increasing users. This feature makes people get the price of a higher profile and more matches.


In-app ads are a great solution to make money if an application has a lot of non-paying users. The original ad is considered the best type of dating applications for respecting the ios app development functions. The cost of advertising in the app at Tinder is $ 5,000. The most important thing about advertising Tinder is that they do not interrupt users.

What should be prepared when building applications dating

Some common problems keep the application from being successful dating. Constraints dating site application owners might face is lack of trust. Users, especially women, believe there is nothing serious about online dating. And this problem resulted in a greater: user acquisition. How To Make an Mobile App like Tinder,Although marketers violating the ice with current users, it is still not easy to make the user installs the application date and subscribe. But we have some good news as well. There are various methods of online dating environment for building trust and gaining more users. You can find tips on how to avoid the pitfalls of dating applications common in our article on how to make a successful application date.

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how to make an app like tinder,

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